New Grass???


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We just started out as mowing grasses now we have a customer who wants us to dig up the grass and lay new down how do we go about doing this as in..
What is the best grass seed to use for soft grass??
Do we just us a tiller to dig up the old??
we are so confused :confused: please let me know what to do and also what do those who do this charge for the service? thanks westlawns


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are we talking about re seeding or a complete removal of old and re sodding of lawn? Major difference in costs and how you go about doing one or the other.


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Scalp it. And YES I mean down to nothing.

Resead, Water. Water. water.

This is ofcorse the cheepest way to go about it,

And you WILL have plently of weeds to deal with next growning season...

The only way to have instant lawn is to sod.....

If the customer wants his yard leveled now is the time to do it ....

You can rent a bobcat level the yard and strip it all at the same time them resead...

It's going to be hell to keep unwanted grasses and weeds from appearing.
You will just have to spray next season....

This is 2 ways and I would like to hear other ideals

Hope it helps