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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by burninbill, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. burninbill

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    We just purchased a 928d grasshopper with the new 61" deck. We are having sometime with getting good traction and wanted to see if anyone else was having that problem? We have been using 61" turftigers and got this machine because of the attachments that it offers. We figured that a front mount machine would be different but we feel that it should have better traction taking off and on hillsides. If anyone has some info on these mowers we would appreciate it.


    Jon Walker
    Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscape
  2. olderthandirt

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    What tires does it have on it ? if you got the bar tires drop the pressure to 2# if you have the regular turf tires exchange them for the bars. After I lowered the pressure I get all the traction I need to side hill and these are some pretty steep hills

  3. bob

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    I have 2 Grasshopper 725's. Front deck Grasshoppers go up hills best backwards! They don't like to go straight up. Also when you you go straight across on a hill, its important to keep the mower perpendicular (sp). While going across a hill, if the tail wheels slide down lower than the rest of the mower, that's when your in trouble. Don't fight it, just start over. One more thing, while backing up on a hill , if you accelerate to fast , the tail wheels will come off the ground. I've learned how to back up a hill , while keeping the tail wheels in the air, the whole way up.
  4. MikesLawnServiceLLC

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    Once upon a time when I still had a business partner (that didn't work out...) we had a 721D Grasshopper. I live in Southeastern PA so we have plenty of hills around here, found ourselves backing up them all the time. Grasshoppers design does not really center much weight over its drive wheels. I found that when you tried to go across hills, more than likely the tail wheels would end up going lower than the rest of the mower, just like Bob said, so our solution to the problem was to cut diagonally up the hill.....or we went back to the trailer and got the TurfTiger. For all out wide area mowing, that Grasshopper could clip along real fast as long as you didn't have any steep hills. -Mike:D
  5. mag360

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    With the 928 the problem is unavoidable. That engine is too heavy and too far behind the drive wheels to get any traction going forward. If you have the hydraulic deck lift just tap it when you start moving to avoid turfing.

    I ran a 721 and a 928 for an old employer and, while the 721 is not too bad on a hill, the 928 really is better off going straight up and down easy hills and backing up the steep ones. If I were you I would just leave the hills to the tigers and leave the level ground for the 'hopper.

    Congratulations on the purchase though, that kubota will outlast any other motor in a commercial mower.
  6. bob

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    I've got the 15ft bagger and its great for grass of leaves-providing that you have a place to dump. I also have the 60" blade thats great for pushing mulch, dirt, or snow. Lastly I have the 48" snowthrower that eats snow at an unbeleivable pace!

    BOTURF LawnSite Senior Member
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    i noticed a couple of posts to this thread that said had to go get the turftigers lol maybe better leave the cutting to the tigers to begin with
  8. olderthandirt

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    Not a front deck only a mid mount thats why.

  9. 57ringo

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    does anyone have an 80 y/o lady using a grasshopper? My mom liked her 425 JD and if I buy the 928 I am looking at, I thought I'd let her try it. One of the salesmen said her shoulders might get tired from pushing the handles forward all the time. any input on this?
  10. sirsweatsalot

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    good luck on the hills nothing makes it better a couple of posts up is the only way to go...back wards. going up hills gets to be more of a challenge when you get a bagger on them. i love the machine but take to old moto of "walk the hills ride the flats"

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