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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bagit, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Bagit

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    The last time i stopped by the dealer they were selling exmarks. It wasn't a good day for them. Owner was a bit pissed off:cry: . The problem was something about the distributor. About six months goes by i'm in the area so i stop by. No more exmarks, but the Gravely's were there. WOW>>>>... I' impressed, no question about it, built very tuff. Pro-steer is sweet on the wb. There were two anniversary PM160xdz's. On the front foot plate,where the name gravely is, the letters are cut out instead of a sticker name. Very nice looking units, every one of them. Even the PM34Z was commercial grade in my opinion. There is probrably not another mower that is built better, has a better track record, or looks as good as a gravely.
  2. ThirdDay

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    Well said by a factory rep? or dealer? or whatever.

    Gravely is decent stuff but certainly not at the high end of the spectrum.

    Gravely has become high priced as well. The early charm with Gravely is that you got decent stuff at a great price...not any more.
  3. MTR

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    That is true that Gravely is getting expensive, so does everyone else. I would buy Gravely both rider and walk over eXmark as of date. My another choice would be Hustler and Lesco. There are many new dealers that carry only Gravely now, they seem to be doing well as people keep buying it.
  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    I feel gravely equipment is right near the top of the game quality and cut wise. The machines are over built which is a good thing. they can take a serious beating day after day and provide a high quality cut. Same goes for Cub commercial and lesco mowers.

    As a matter of fact I feel that any high end commercial mower nowdays other than the trition exmark will serve its owner well for many years. All manufacturers have come a long way over the years.
  5. pugs

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    I cant speak for Gravely but if you think Lesco/Cub's are built well...then I think you need to check out some other manufacturers. I would put them down at the bottom rung. They just fall apart. I have worked on many different brands and some of my customers are very rough on equipment.
  6. Bagit

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    No not either i'm afraid, but i've looked at and tested many of the brands. They all have there + and - . Some are a little over-priced, some under-powered, others no dealer worth a dump. :rolleyes:
  7. ProStreetCamaro

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    Lets see I own a Lazer, Scag WB, Cub Tank M48, Gravely 34Z. Use to own bobcats and buntons and various other mowers. So yeah the Tank's and Z-Twos are extreamly well built machines. I would know, I have owned them all. The older ones (lesco viper model forget the name of the MTD and cub one) Now those were junk.

    Just so you know I am talking about the commercial line of mowers and not the home owners. I will put my M48 up against ANY other brand 48" ZTR on the market any day of the week.



  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    Absolutely not true in any thing you just said here.

    Gravely is top notch and great performers in any conditions.

    Gravely was never cheap. My father bought his first Gravely PRO-50 WB about 13 years ago and it was $4,000 then and that was the going price on that model at all dealers. So no they were never any cheaper than other models.
  9. pugs

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    The ones I have seen dont seem to have many hours on them and are just falling apart and have a cheap feel to me. I saw a few of their newer Hydro walk behinds...good god do those look like junk. I have only seen one Viper so far...most have been Z-Two's and walk behinds. Every Z-two I have seen the front axle has been screwed up in some way...

    I would put Bobcat, Exmark, Toro, Ferris, Scag, Wright or just about anything else above the so called Tank. I have alot of customers that can destroy equipment and if they had a Lesco or Tank...LOL, it wouldnt last them a month.
  10. Mowingman

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    As a Gravely dealer, and user, I can say that the Gravely machines are built tough. Here is one example of how they take a lickin, and keep on tickin. (Remember the old Timex ads)
    Our Gravely rep., came by and picked up a 36" Gravely Pro G walkbehind to take to another dealer. He was driving a Ford, F250 diesel, 4x4 pickup. With the short bed, and tool box, he had to leave the tailgate down to strap the mower in. He did not realize his straps were rotten. He make a fast pull-out onto a busy highway in front of our shop. The straps broke, and the walkbehind did a backwards flip and landed on the concrete pavement, upside down. We ran out, turned it back up on it's wheels,. It started on the first pull, and we drove it back to the shop. Only damage was a bent muffler, slightly bent prosteer lever, and bent discharge chute, along with some sctatches. He used that mower, as is, for a demo for a good while, and then sold it later. It amazed me that it was not destroyed from slamming onto the concrete.
    Just showed how tough they are built.

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