New Gravely machines...your opinion wanted

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. GarPA

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    Well hooray we are finally getting a new dealer around here to give the one monopoly dealer some MUCH needed competition on the commercial side. While I love my Exmarks, I just cant spend another nickel with this dealer in the future.

    ANyway, this dealer will be starting with Gravely. I did a search here and while there do not appear to be as many owners of these as the other major brands, there are a few of you who feel they make a good machine. There were some comments about the older deck design not working well, and some elec switch problems and some belt issues but I didnt see any showstoppers. After reading their new brochure they APPEAR to have some new features that appeal to me. EZ height change on the walks was the first thing that caught my eye.(yes ROd I know about the Ferris height adjustment) I hate getting an air wrench out just to change the frickin cutting height.

    I have no reservations about working with this new dealer as hes been in town for many years and always bends over backwards to help us commercial guys when in a jam...and his 2 mechanics are very capable.

    Would love to hear from you guys who own one of their newer machines...Z or w/b and how it compares with other machines you've owned. Hes sending me his price sheets. I assume their prices are about the same as the other commerial equip?

    Your opinions are much appreciated...thanks

    ps...ARIENS is the parent company. I;ve run, but not owned, their snowthrowers and found they fell short of their marketing hype.
  2. Ax Man

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    I don't own one yet, but my local dealer has been selling them for 2.5 yrs, and he rates them aheah of the Huskys to stat with.
    I did a full day demo on the 152z, solid machine, deck cut well, loved the hydrolic heihgt adjustment.
    It took a little while for me to get readjusted to standard "z" controls, but I could make money with a Gravely.
  3. SWD

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    I have posted several times, both about the Pro-G and the 262ZTRS. Great machines.
  4. bob

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    I bough a 272z this year, and love it. It will run circles around my Grasshoppers. However, the out front reach on theGrasshoppers is far better than the Gravely.

  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    They are our primary mowers. I have a Gravely 260Z going on 6 seasons of daily use. They are solid money-makers because of the ability to change deck height on the go.

    There have been many times I'm going full speed and come up on something like a turtle in the yard. You can "up" the deck faster than you can stop the machine, esp. going downhill, and minimizine damage.

    The persistent weakness has been the "maintenance free" spindles that have no grease fittings. I have dissected wiped-out spindles, and the bearings are puny, especially for anything 60" cut and over. Gravely uses the same spindle throughout the product line. While I think they might be adequate on a small walk behind, they are WAY undersized on a big 60" or 72" deck.

    Nice suspension seat. Same seat as in my $35,000 Caterpillar 247 multi-terrain loader.

    Otherwise a good machine.


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