New Gravely Pro Models Belt Fix Procedure with Pictures

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dwost, May 15, 2003.

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    I disassembled everythign tonight and snapped some pics so I could post the procedure for those that have one of the new Gravely Pro-G or H walk-behinds. As discussed in several threads, there is an issue with the belts wearing prematurely due to a design flaw in the deck when mowing over 3". Here is the fix along with some pictures for reference.

    1) Remove the deck cover, idler arm tension spring, and main deck belt. (unless it has snapped on you already.:) )

    2) Remove the idler arm assembly. Here is what it will look like. Notice the thick bottom on the bushing that was raising the idler arm about 3/4" off the deck. Also note where the paint has worn off the pulley, showing the belt remained at the bottom of the pulley. This is the main problem.

    Original arm assembly

    3) Slide the bushing out of the idler arm sleeve and turn it over sliding it back in from the top. This is a great time to add some grease to the inside of the arm.

    Bushing removed

    Flip and insert from top

    Fully inserted

    4) Add 2, 1/8" thick washers in place of the bushing spacer. The washers I believe are 3/8" to fit the existing bolt in the deck shown here.

    2 Washers

    5) Remove the bolt holding the idler pulley to the arm and replace with a 3/8" carriage bolt. You may have to hollow out the hole a bit to get it to fit flush. re-tighten the bolt down and again, this is a great time to grease before re-assembly. Here is a shot of the bottom of the arm with the bolt installed.

    Carriage bolt installed

    6) Replace idler arm assembly over the bolt in the deck and tighten completely. Make sure the idler arm swings freely and the spring has enough clearance on the deck. Here is a shot of the finished install.


    7) Replace the belt, idler spring, deck cover and you are ready to mow!!

    Total cost is about $1.50 for washers and install time is about 10 minutes. :)

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