New Gravely Pro-Stance Stander Review!!! With PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by GMLC, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Due to the success of my Gravely 400 series review Gravely has sent me the new Pro-Stance stander for as long as I need to test and write another honest review!! Over the next couple of weeks I will give my opinion on the performance of the Pro-Stance 52” in northern cool season grasses, wet and dry conditions, hills and in lawns that range from weeds to finely manicured KBG. And probably some leaf clean up in a few weeks.

    Once again the first thing I noticed when I took delivery this morning was the fit and finish on the Pro-Stance is amazing! Perfect welds, paint, wire routing etc. Gravely took great care when designing and assembling this mower. The fine details in my opinion are second to none. Gravely has made another industrial grade mower, the front end and frame are massive! Durability will not be a problem with the Pro-Stance and just like the 400 series this mower is built much stronger than it needs to be. Lifetime deck and frame warranty!!

    I have been told by Gravely that this stander has the lowest center of gravity in the industry as well as the best weight distribution. The front end was designed to climb hills without coming off the ground and the back end was designed for traction. The suspension platform was made so the operator can move around their weight when needed and the fenders even have foot platforms to lean way off the machine while mowing across steep hills. The suspension platform folds up to operate the machine in walk behind mode with tons of leg/foot room. The suspension platform also has a separate rubber isolated platform on top of it to reduce vibration to the operator. The deck lift can be operated by hand or foot so you can float the deck while mowing over rocks etc. The deck is hung with control arms instead of chains to prevent the deck from swaying and bouncing which will improve cut quality and hill side stability. The deck height is changed by the dial adjust deck lift system which I love on my 452. The Pro-Stance is the first stander in the industry to have integrated wheel pumps and motors with the Hydro-Gear 3400 series transaxles with two cooling fans and two separate reservoirs. The 52” Pro-Stance is equipped with a 22 HP Kawi., 9 gallon gas tank with fuel gauge, hybrid run flats on the front, adjustable speed control and a huge pad to lean on. I was told the deck is an improved version of the Great Dane/Ever Ride deck. I’m a huge fan of Gravely’s X-Factor deck so I’m curious how this will deck perform.

    I did mow 10 lawns today in the rain with good results. I’m still getting use to the controls and the machine so my stripes are not perfectly straight yet! I should be mowing in dry conditions tomorrow, I hope…

    Give me a week or so and I will start posting my opinions on performance.

    Enjoy the pics!!!!








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    Too funny! I just posted my review about 10 minutes after you. I ran the 48". I think you do better reviews BTW (but then you should seeing as how you're on Gravely's payroll:laugh:).
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    I wish I could make some extra $$$$!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    You darn well should be making some! You've probably done more to help Gravely sell mowers this year than anything else.
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    Here are some cut quality pics in the rain. No clumps and the deck stayed pretty clean considering. Again I know the stripes are not perfectly straight yet as I'm getting use to the machine.




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    Nice I was wondering how it was going to turn out. Nice review. Keep us informed
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    Does it come in a 36 in model?

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