New Gravely Pro-Stance Stander Review!!! With PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by GMLC, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I didn't measure it, but probably should have. maybe you can get an idea in the pics in my thread. I know I didn't have any issues with not being able to trim in fairly closely, but then again, I only had it for the one property that day.
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    IIRC correctly, that's what the sales rep said to me when I asked about the mulch kit. I think he said that there were aftermarket wavy mulchers that would work though, maybe he said Oregon and/or Stens since they (Stens)are owned by the same company that Gravely is?
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    I did not use it as a walkbehind at all. I did fold the platform up and loaded onto trailer and noticed that it would be weird because the controls would be really high.
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    Well yesterday morning I returned the new Pro-Stance after a little over two weeks of testing. I have to admit I already miss having her on my trailer. I also feel that after two weeks I did get really good on the machine but would bet after a month of use you could really tap into the machines true potential. These are my final thoughts and opinion on the machine.


    Very gentle on turf: Which is huge on nicely manicured lawns.

    Comfort: From the rubber isolated suspension platform to the padding there was no vibration and I could mow all day without any problems. Also the amount of room to move around on the platform and even the fenders having the foot platforms is huge when using weight to your advantage on a stander.

    Cut Quality: My pictures speak for themselves. In wet and dry conditions I had no clumps, stragglers and never double cut.

    Fit and finish/build quality: Top notch and obvious when looking at the machine in person.

    Hillside stability: Amazing even on steep hills. Never had the front end come up and no sliding when mowing across hills.

    Productivity: This machine is extremely productive and 9 mph feels very fast on a stander. I found the sweet spot at 1/2 acre and below. Still flys on bigger properties but a ZTR I feel is more productive after the 1/2 acre mark.

    Walkbehind mode: All though I felt it wasn't good on hills in walkbehind mode I did use it on flat tight areas a lot and loading/unloading in my enclosed trailer. You can easily mow without hitting your shins on the updated model. I cant imagine having a stander without this option so its a positive in my opinion.

    Foot deck lift: This is huge and became second nature when floating the deck. Again I cant imagine a stander without it. Hand lift worked fine but I didn't like taking my hands off the controls especially at high speeds.

    Engine options: At first I thought it could use a tad more power but found out about all the other engine options. The Kawi 22 hp is fine and only bogged in really thick leaves.

    Dial adjust deck height: Another great feature which is fool proof.


    Turning while going down steep hills: Only on steep hills while trying to turn tight I would lock up one wheel causing some sliding. I really never got the hang of it but I did get better. Not a deal breaker at all but I want to be as honest as possible on my reviews.

    Traction backing up out of a ditch or up hill: I have almost totally eliminated this problem by shifting my weight all the way back and locking out my arms like Ridin' suggested. Again not a deal breaker but wanted to note it in my review.

    Final Opinion

    Gravely has hit another homerun. This is the stander that will give Wright a run for their money!! It is obvious Gravely is serious about the stander market and feels its part of the future of mowing.

    I feel standers are only going to get more popular as the sweet spot in productivity is what the majority of the industry mows. Its not quite a walkbehind replacement unless you dont mow really steep hills but could be a ZTR replacement for a lot of company's. Plus the price to productivity point really makes sense as its cheaper than a ZTR and not much more than high end walkbehinds.
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    Thanks for the final thoughts GMLC.

    I found them to be what I experienced, though my demo was far too short. I too, can really see these becoming more popular in the future, and would certainly like to add one some time in the future myself. Gravely has really impressed me. Enough so that my next mower will probably be one of one type or another (ZTR or stander).
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    How much does the 48 pro-stance weigh? My V Ride is a little over 800 I believe. How does it do on fuel?
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    The Prostance 48" w/22 Kawi weighs 970 lbs. The 52" w/22 Kawi goes 992 lbs, the 52" with the 23 Kohler EFI goes 1002 lbs, and the 61" w 23.5 Kawi goes 1023 lbs. The Kohler is still over rated on HP because they are still using the old sytem to measure it.:rolleyes:
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    great review
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    Question of the day... Can it handle a 300-lb rider? Teasing...
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    With the 52" I got .63 GPH with the 22hp Kawi. I forgot to add this to the Pro's list, sorry.
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