New Gravely Pro-Stance Stander Review!!! With PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by GMLC, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    Have there been any changes recently on the 61" PS? I have been wanting a PS for while, but now im at the point that I kinda need it now. Gonna try to call around to the dealers today and see if anyone has a 61 in stock. Finally, is the cut quality on the 61 the same as the 48 and 52, how about power in the 61? Is the Kawasaki enough to handle wet nkrthern grasses?
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    I still don't understand why they don't make thes controls operate lik a hydro walk behind........ I have an uncle that had a v-ride and those types of controls we couldn't stand....... Make it like the walk behinds where when u want to turn left squeeze in the handle..... We would get in rough terrain and it was jerky as hell because you couldn't control your hands.... This would also cut down on hand fatigue........ Imo
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  3. aaronmg

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    Cut quality on a 52" is awesome if its every week mowing. I have lots of every 2 week customers and with any kind of moisture in the grass you might as well have a 2,000 homeowners model, its that bad.... The deck can't process wet/damp clippings at the rate the grass is growing this year...
  4. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    Dont have a single bi weekly customer nor plans to ever take one on. I do 90% high end residential, some want me to cut it "as needed" by my own discretion, one guy wants it cut every 3 days @ $100/cut if thats what it takes to keep it nice. But, thats not say I will never get a day or two behind due to weather.

    How is it mowing in damp, dewy, or rainy conditions with normal growth?
  5. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I know this is an old quote from early on in this thread, but its worth mentioning that this kind of service is still the norm. I called every dealer within 2 hrs of here looking for a 61 to demo and no body had one. My local dealer called around, and even checked on availability to get one in, but found none were available till late July. I dropped a PM here to Gravely and after a few phone calls, they shipping in a PS61 from Michigan so I can demo it and buy it if its as good as I hope it is... It should be ready to demo late this week.
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    I love this machine to death I would rather run it than the full suspension ferris all day every day. The negative is that on any kind of slope it will leave stragglers...
    This is on my customers that get weed control and fert. Funny thing is that the customers that have weed ridden yards the cut is better....Maybe because the yards here are soo rough... I don't know...

  7. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    Well, I took delivery of my PS61 yesterday. I have had it out and so far I am happy. Although I suspect a set of G6 blades may enhance the discharged clipping size. I am amazed at how strong this thing pulls up hills without so much as a hint of lifting the front. I have taken up and down some hills that are beyond its design limits, and so far so good.

    Turning down hill is sketchy as I imagine all standers are. However, I have found that turning in a quick motion will all but eliminate the sideways slide. Also, when going down hills and it begins to slide, I have found that trying to stop or reverse is useless. adding wheel speed is pretty much the only thing you can do to at least be able to steer. Kinda like driving through a slide on snow covered roads in a car. Leaning waaay back with your arms extended also make a difference.

    None of this stuff (as far as I can tell) is specific to the Prostance, but to all standers in general.

    I am still getting used to the controls as I am used the ECS on my Exmark walk behind, but here are some pics of the cut and stripes. I just cut this today, 4", thick stand of TTTF. The other crazy marks are from the fert guy riding his spreader around the other day. My stripes aren't perfectly straight, but I'm getting better.



    Here it is packed on the trailer. I have a 48" WB, 21 push and 61 Pro Stance packed on a 6x10' trailer with 2 inches to spare between the gate and the Pro Stance


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  8. sjessen

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    Saw one of these at Expo last year. One thing that would have helped on side hills would be to have the rear wheels farther apart. Imagine the mower might side scalp a bit.
  9. mtasker01

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    Can anyone tell me where the 48" pro stance Anti scalp wheels are located for the life of me on the whole interwebz i cannot find a deck picture of a 48" Cheers
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    I posted a thread on the 48" at the same exact time GMLC posted this one a few years back. Lots of pics in that thread.

    Here are two that show what you are looking for-



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