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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fivejcb, May 7, 2002.

  1. fivejcb

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    I would like to start by saying that this is a great site that has helped me loads. I'm new this year and have read lot's of helpful things that I could not find anywhere but hear, Thanks for a great site!

    My question is about a new machine, I have a Cub Cadet 33'' WB for small lot's now I want to buy a larger machine. I was set to buy a Ferris WB Hydro 48'' or bigger. Then I stopped at a local Gravley dealer he showed me a two year old NEW Pro 300. This machine has been sitting out side for two years in a crate wraped in plastic. It has a Koler 20HP with E/stars oil cooler and it is a DD hydro, he said with a 60'' $4300 with a 50'' $4200. I just don't know about a machine sitting for two years new or not. He also kept trying to push a new 2002 belt drive, the new Gravleys use Robin power I think I would prefer Koler or Kawi what do you guys think. Thanks
  2. Albemarle Lawn

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    Is the Promaster 300 the ZTR with the electric/hydraulic deck lift?

    The 260Z was introduced almost 3 1/2 years ago to supercede this model.

    Chances are it is even older than 3 years, and 20 HP is rather underpowered for 60"

    Yet, offer $3800 or so. Probably a fairly productive machine.

  3. fivejcb

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    I think he said a fixed deck I'm not sure about about the hydraulic lift?
  4. fivejcb

    fivejcb LawnSite Member
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    Also he said don't even think about mulching with a Gravley is this true if so I don't want one anyway?
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    I had a Promaster 100 until last year. I had it for 6-7 years with 1800 hours on a 18hp Kohler.

    Not a single problem with it until the end... one of the hydro hoses leaked a little.

    It cut beautifully 'til the end... I miss it :cry:

    I highly recommend it.

    Offer $3750 for the 50" deck... That would be a deal & steal. Probably comes with warranty too :)

    FYI.. The Pro100 cost $5500 seven years ago.
  6. Runner

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    For the $4500., I would think that this would be the PM300 Walkbehind, as opposed to the PM300 rider. If it's one of the older ones, anyway, I would skip over it, because all these larger decked mowers had some serious cut quality issues. They just had to go back to the drawing board completely 2 years ago, and revamp all these machines because their sales were slipping fast. I have the PM300 rider, and that was always known as my "double-cut machine". The reason being, was that most everything you mowed with it, if it had any substance to it at all, always had to be double cut. I eventually fixed that myself by changing some gear ratios on the pulleys, and giving the machine a tremendous amount more of blade speed.
  7. Richard Martin

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    The Pro 300 is a dual drive hydro walkbehind with a fabricated deck. The mower was built right up until this year. This mower should give you good service for quite a while and the price is right too.

    Just for general info the most recent models of Gravely walkbehinds were:

    Pro 150: Gear drive, avoid the 50 stamped deck
    Pro 200: Gear drive, bigger engines, all fabricated decks
    Pro 300: Hydro drive, premium engines, all fabricated decks

    There were exceptions to the above because the mower decks and frames were interchangable between all of the mowers (I think).

    The new Gravely walk behinds all use Kawasaki engines.
  8. P. Nelson

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    Ever heard of Imlay City?? That's where I grew up. Anyway I had a Gravely Pro 50 with a 50" stamped deck and my $10,500 Grasshopper doesn't cut as nice as it did. I always had customers compliment the quality of cut it gave. My wife even commented to me this weekend that our grass doesn't look as nice since I got rid of the gravely. Not sure about the other models but the belt drive Gravely Pro 50 was a great machine and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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