New Great Dane Gen II surfer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. brucec32

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    Anyone have any details on this mower? I saw an ad for it in Pro Magazine. Supposedly it has a new deck design for better cut, but there were no other details.
  2. exmarkdude

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    It is not really a new deck design. They took the deck from the Chariot and are using it on the Surfers in '05. The Chariot decks have a larger/longer front baffle and are supposed to help with dispersement of clippings. The dealer has a flyer showing the deck.
  3. lafrance4078

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    I looked at a new Great Dane SS today. 19 horse Kawi. 52" deck. Very nice machine. Floating deck was the best improvment that I saw. I didn't see any baffels under though. List price was $4999.00 Not sure if that is a good price or not. Also, the salesman showed me a '05 Everride Warrior. It seemed to be a very well built maching. The shute was about 2 feet wide. Deck was 7 gauge. 25 horse Kawi. Both hydro pumps had fans on top of them. Lifetime on the Deck. He also gave me the name of someone who has one. I contacted him and the guy told me that he has been mowing for 18 years and this is the best machine that he has ever owned. Said it held hills better than his Scags do. Price was great $6999.00 We'll see!
  4. Legacy

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    I saw the new Super Surfer at a recent trade show and it looked awesome!

    Very heavy built, 23 HP engine with big air filter..supposed to go almost 10 MPH!!
    I'm going to try a new one in the spring...I have a 2002 model and love it..this looks like it might be better!!

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