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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stephen, Jan 9, 2000.

  1. Stephen

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    did anyone check out the new great danes yet? they call this model the great dane gateway and it is a walkbehind with a 36 inch deck with a second deck that makes it i believe a 52. when not in use the second deck is on a hinge and it folds up in the air for storage or trailering. what do u guys think about this setup? I saw it on one of the links off feel free to comment on any other great dane use experience since i have none but a buddy has a chariot and loves it.<p>----------<br>Stephen<br>
  2. Lazer

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    I would buy one in a minute if I needed that type of mower. Great Danes, of course are built by Dane Scag, the same guy who started Scag, same guy who put Bobcat on the map. I think the guy's an innovator and builds good stuff. We would probably would run them if they had a dealer in or area and a floating deck. <br>
  3. ashlandscaping

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    Well I got a chance to play with one the other day local dealer will have the one and only one at the mid-am show at Navy Peir in Chicago. He had one at his shop it folds up to 37 inches wide to fit thru gates then once thru back to 52 inches wide to cover more ground. Like I have said before I like Danes work we all know his work scag bobcat snapper you name it he started or made them what they are today. It is a soild mowwer I have order one sould get it right before spring. I am loving the idea and like I said its not a weak piece of garbage mower it will hold up.

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