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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by JMMARICH, Jul 12, 2004.


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    This is my first pond. PLEASE be nice :) It took me forever, cost me a fortune, and I learned alot about what not to do. This is my wife and I's first house and we knew we wanted a pond. All the rocks over the liner on the bottom are some sweet artifical rocks that we got from our new neighborhood sign after they finished building it. As you can see, I am nowere near being done, but its definatly a work in progress. I am going this afternoon to go get some more rocks.

    In the first picture, you can see my frustration. I promise I have the worst (clay) and hardest dirt around.

    I am not 100% sure how I wanna do the rocks around the top, but I am working on it today so we will see :).



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    Sorry, can't seem to get more than 1 in 1 post even though they are smaller than the max.


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    Last one. Sorry for the quality on these.

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    Looks like a gutter downspout in the upper right corner of the second picture?
    If you are going to put fish in the pond the gutter draining into the pond might cause trouble. I am in no way at all a pro at ponds limited exp at the most. just thought you might want to ask someone about the gutter. Please keep posting the progress it looks like it will be nice when done.

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