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    Hello, my name is Jim and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from this site. I do not operate a lawn care business, I'm only interested in caring for my own properties and have a lot of new guy questions. I have been on other hobby forums, some very welcoming, and others that shun new members and answer every question with "use the search function". However, this site seems to have many helpful, nice folks, with patience for new guy questions.
    btw, I do use search functions, but I'm often left with specific concerns, questions, or just looking for more input

    My foremost reason for signing up is to gain more info before buying my first zero turn. Long story, but Im soon aquiring some family land and the current owner will be taking his tractor and bush hog so I need a way of maintaining it. I'll have approx 7 acres of slightly hilly land to mow. The best info Ive gotten so far has been obtained by talking with zero turn owners and hearing their likes/dislikes. For instance, I have a buddy with an Ariens mower that performs well, but he complains that he has to lean too far forward (imagine Annakin Skywalker accelerating his Pod Racer) and he's sore after 3 hours in the seat. Im a hard working guy who was born with Hemophilia, so I'm always mindful of how I'm working to avoid bleeding complications. Im 33 and my illness has luckily affected me very little, but I avoid equipment that "beats you up". I have another buddy with a Dixie Chopper who says it will mow anything beautifully, but according to him, "it beats the heck out of you". Online reviews always cover deck size and HP, but seldom discuss comfort of use, maint intervals/expenses, etc that I'm just as curious about. I would rather spend more initially than regret a less expensive purchase later. Ive heard ExMarks are comfy even after a long day so thats one avenue Im exploring.
    Ok, thats my story, thanks for listening. I have a ton of searching to do still but I wanted to put up an intro post.

    What I bring to the table: I have worked for many years with various Koi, shubunkin, comets (imports and domestic lines) and fish ponds/ water gardens. I have decent knowledge of fish diseases and treatments, foiling Blue Herons, and a few tricks for making koi ponds more enjoyable with less headaches. My motto is always "biology over technology" and most issues have a better, long term fix than dumping chemicals in your pond, so please feel free to contact me w any aquatic concerns. Im not claiming to be the best, but I can give you non-biased testimony on many commonly encoutered pond issues.

    thanks again
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    I'll be looking forward to reading your posts Jim. That Hemophilia has to be something that makes working around the equipment difficult.
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