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New guy From Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ambersLawnmowing, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. ambersLawnmowing

    ambersLawnmowing LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 333

    hey all i am new here and like this site so far. I am 30 years old and thought that truck driving was going to be the life for me. Little did i know that i would branch into something that wont quit growing. It all started once i bought my home about 3 years ago. Went to a rummage sale and found a snowblower, Got home and sold the snowblower to a freind, that started Ambers Small Engine, Boy that is alot of work fixing stuff for others all the time. Some people are so so very stupid, they bring things with the little problems "Wont start" is a good one. I check the gas tank and find no gas. What idiots. So then i would buy things that need alot of work from people that didnt want it anymore and then fix it and resale it for a huge profit, Was fun, then i got into the rent-to-own lawnmower and snowblower sales with the items that i already owned. that works great, sat back and collected cash from others.. The just as a joke end of last year ran a ad on Craigslist for lawnmowing and yard clean up. They went crazy i said to myself that if i was going to do this i was not just going to have a few customers, so i went and cut my prices so low people couldnt compete. Now for the summer of 2008 man i branched into garden tilling in the spring and then into landscaping and still do mowing. I have about 50 private and 12 business accounts. I do all the work myself unless i have a big landscaping job then i hire my bum brother-in-law... Wife helps alittle on the mowing when it rains just to get me caught back up.. well thats the short version time to go and cut some lawns... Thanks to those that keep a site like this running. it will be nicde to be able to ask questions as they arise, and i hope to help anyone i can on here...... Also anyone from Wisconsin needing work contact me and i will put you straight to work but you have to work long hours and work for a person that doesnt like people, unless they are paying him...LOL

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