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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Sam0182, May 15, 2006.

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    I'm Sam Burnette and I'm looking to break into this field a bit more.

    I've run a couple different online stores dealing with the import and distribution of Airsoft products with a home office here in Kennewick, WA and another small shipping depot up in Grand Forks, BC. But I've always been interested in setting up a smaller local deal with hopefully a little less stress and a little more customer interaction and relationship building.

    Presently, I clean (1) Edward Jones Investment Centers office twice monthly...but have always been interested in getting a couple more "clients" going, doing yard work, etc...

    I'm also a student and was recently laid off...but look to begin work again soon.

    Sorry if I missed the intro thread! This is just a simple hello and goodbye as I'll be reading ALOT of your past and present threads over the next couple of days.

    Take care all:)

    Sam Burnette
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    welcome abaord,,, you got a lot of reading to get caught up on,,, so go ahead and then pop back in with any ?'s you dont find already answered. Try the search bar above for specific things like bidding or mulching,,, and enjoy!
  3. Sam0182

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    I appreciate the warm welcome:)

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