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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PeeblesLawnCare, Apr 24, 2013.

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    I am starting my first year and I have a few customers , It seems as of everyone want something for nothing now. I have a small setup.... a small 5x10 trailer, an exmark lazer z hp 44, two stihl weed eaters one stihl edger and a stihl br600, one solo sprayer and a few thing here and there. I have enough to ake the yards pretty but it seem as if I a just in a hole that I cant get out of. All my equip is paid for but the jobs arent rolling in like i think they should. There are some nice neighbor hoods around here and I am a well spoken educated guy and have the gift of gab. I may just park my truck in the front of the neighborhoods and walk around on a nice sat and go door to door and see if I can drum up business, Does anyone else have any other ways to dru up some more business?? My name is miles by the way and I have been cutting grass for years just trying to start doing what I love but at the moment I am frustrated, I need to get some nicer yards in some nicer neighborhoods so I can show off my skills. I am sick and tired of mowing lawns that have not been touched in a year!
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    Some guys on here say they have had good results with flyers/door hangers and by leads from their websites.

    As far as the direct/walk up approach, it could work or it could turn people off. Some people just hate being put on the spot. But you really you get that with any kind of advertising. Some people will look at a door hanger and others will throw it straight in the trash without a glimpse.

    Good luck and welcome to the site! :)
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    I wont do door hangers I am a big people person and can start up an convo with anyone. I dont think I willl go door to door but will stop and speak with a few people that are out in the yard hand out a few cards and be done.

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