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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by bugsNbows, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. bugsNbows

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    Another Ric too...ain't that awesome!? Just a brief intro though. I received my L&O Cert. in June of 1978 (yeah I know, old bastid). Got some degrees (Hort., Agronomy and Entomology), once owned a business, was a Mgr. at Dismal World for 11 years. Now I'm winding down a bit, but work with a good friend who also posts on here.

    I love hunting (archery and firearm)... hence the name. Happily married, one SWEET 2 yr. old granddaughter.

    Anyway Hi.
  2. zturncutter

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    Welcome :)
  3. Hey man good to have another Florida cat.
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  4. Ric

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    You got to be real old and Messed up to want to compare yourself to an Idiot like myself. But then You got your Certification 25 years before I did. Does your Cert say Dept Of Health instead of BECP??
  5. gregory

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    welcome aboard... nice to have another old timer here with some knowledge....

    dont be so hard on yourself ric........
  6. bugsNbows

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    Yep. Dept. of H.R.S. / Office of Entomology, # 2523, signed by Andrew Rogers, 7/25/78.
  7. Ric

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    I have seen "one" of those up close in recent history, That is why I knew to ask. They are getting as scares as hen teeth now. I am more current history as in the Dr Sung era. I am sure you have some good stories about the old days.

    BTW Your opinion on WDW, Now and Then maintenance wise??
  8. bugsNbows

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    Ah, WDW, I could write a book on that place. Years ago, it was fantastic. We were on the cutting edge, I had good technicians (although they were unionized which was a PIA), generous budgets (went over budget every year without consequence) and the over-riding theme was "good show, bad show"... anything to enhance the guest experience was o.k. As an example, I bought a $4500 microscope with a bifurcated goose-neck optical light, camera stuff and all was fine. That wouldn't fly now.

    It's basically gone to hell. The bean-counters took over and now it's all about $ (especially saving such). I was the CO in charge (on the resorts side) and we had 56 techs running 24/7. Now the #'s are way down, and they outsource some roadway and less critical stuff. Many of the new hires (when they can fill reqs) are CT's (which mean Casual Temporary) and are one step above worthless.

    Oh well, not my concern now. Between The Mouse House, Sea World, and Universal (I had some responsibilities at those parks when I was with another company) I've had enough tourist and theme park experiences...thank you very much.

    Sorry for rambling. That's what old farts do.

    Best Regards. Ric

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