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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by psdguy95, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Hey guys.

    My name is Chris and I'm 17 years old. I started my lawn business when i was 15 and to this day I still own and operate it. I only have 9 customers and I'm having a little trouble growing my business. But I'm still trying. I don't have any fancy equipment yet but hopefully soon. I'm really happy to be apart of this site now. I was hoping you guys could help me out a little. Any advise to the guy whose still kinda starting out? :weightlifter:
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    Good for you! You have to start somewhere. Besides earning a few bucks you are learning the ropes of running a small business at a young age. I am fairly new around hear but I suggest to read & research the forums & you will receive a lot of great information & knowledge.
  3. psdguy95

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    Thanks man. I really enjoy this business.
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    Coming into last season I had only 3 customers who had me mow when they needed me. I networked a little and did some other self promotion. I built my customer list one by one. My best week last year was 45 mows. I did that maybee three different weeks. I had a long winter to try to drum up more business. I didnt have alot of money to spend on advertising, and this was frustrating. This spring, my first week I had 68 mows and now I have almost 100 weekely customers. The phone doesnt stop ringing. I am almost maxed out. If you contact me I can tell you what we did to grow the company. Here is one thing I did last winter that got me the most of my customers.

    35% of my work comes from facebook also!/jacobsenlawnservice

    Let me know if I can help

    Good luck!
    Rick Jacobsen
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    I live in Des plaines IL. Were not far from each other. Guys major progress right there man going from 3 to 100 yards.
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