New guy here


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I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Southwest Virginia.

I kind of jumped into mowing grass this year after needing to buy a "real mower" for my yard. I have a long steep hill that has killed 3 mowers in 15 years, with the last one only lasting 2 summers. So I bought a used Scag 48" belt drive and a small trailer. As i started using it, I figured why not try to make some money outside my fulltime job. So I started with a couple friends' yards. Then a couple more got added. I did some mulch work for a friend and did ok. I watched plenty of you tube on pricing and feel like I'm not working for beans. I've hooked up with an old friend that does lawn work full time and have sent a bunch of work to him. I've picked his brain quite a bit and have learned a lot this summer. I've been lurking around here a bit and finally joined.

My goal is to make some fun money and create a fallback if something happens at my union job, namely going on strike again. I appreciate this forum and have learned quite a bit so far.