New Guy in Alabama.

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    So its official as of last Monday. I am 31, married, a 2 1/2 year old girl, and have been a lumber broker for the last 9 years. Before that I was in the Marine Corps Reserve and a Deputy. The lumber business has been horrible related to the housing market. My company went under and here I am.

    I have always cut grass for neighbors and I actually have always loved doing it. Hell, I cut my yard with a reel mower and get a real kick out of it.

    I got my business license in my city and county Monday. Insurance is done. I am cutting 5 yards so far and have about 2000 business cards I am blanketing the area with Sunday night (rain until then).

    I am using a family trailer (quite a bit of work on my part to get it up to spec). I am running a 21 Craftsman mower (the self propel is currently inop), used Echo 210 trimmer, Ryobi blade edger, and Ryobi backpack blower. I refuse to take on any debt with this company and I am going to build it from the ground up with cash in hand.

    Thanks to everyone for the great website and great information!

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    Good for you. It's nice to hear about guys starting out the right way. Good luck to you this season and welcome to the site!
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    Good luck! If you can "boot strap" a business it will pay off large in the long run. I'm a Florida boy who took a job with a 2 year plan in Montgomery and ended up there 18 years. I was president of the Alabama Turfgrass Association in the early 90's and still have many connections in your area. If you would like, I can pass your information to some friends in your area. Networking is great when the money is tight! Also, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!

    edit - you can't post an email address at the site. thanks, Mike

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    That would be awesome. Any contacts and information would be appreciated. I am advertising all over, and any of the really large yards that I just don't have the capability to do effectively, I would gladly pass on the account to someone more senior. Email on the way.


  5. reveti

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    good luck to you, from the guys down south

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    Thanks! I lived in Long Beach MS from 05 - 07. Hows the work down there?
  7. reveti

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    man, this is my first year full time, but i can't complain, my bus. is steady growing so I am moving in the right direction.
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    What part of Alabama are you in? I am in the Leeds area (about 15 mins North of B'ham)

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