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    Hi everybody my name is Matt I own and operate Cutters Choice Lawn and Landscape I started the company in 2002 I don't have any pics right now but I have a 2006 f-150 supercab stx I have 2 scagg mowers a 48 tiger cub 3 years young and 2002 61 Turf Tiger also I have a exmark 26 Metro and stihl and echo hand equipment and getting ready to add a new z turn which will probalby be the next lazerz,I'm new to the site but I love all of the information anybody else here from Florida message me and let me know I feel like a stranger out here from Florida also I have about 65 upscale residental properties and some really nice commerical properties i take care of I have me and one other guy that works for me full time and I could not ask for a better employee.Lets see I started with a 4x8 tralier and a old I mean old ferris lawn mower it was a tank you could do dips off of it was so heavy.I will have some pics up soon of my shop and my equipment and some properties and yes we stripe here in fl too LOL.:weightlifter:
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    Welcome to Lawnsite...tons of Florida guys on here. You'll see them everywhere on here.

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