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    I just wanted to say hi. I will be starting my business in the spring 2006. I have been checking out the forum for a couple of months now and love it. I am planning on buying a 60" hustler z or super z. I can't decide yet. I would like to network with others in the business around tulsa. If you are one of those that are so busy and turning away work turn them my way. I will be full time with no other income so I need all the help I can get. I will post some pics when I get my equipment. later
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    hey I will be in henryetta. though in the same shape as you. don't worry grass grow's in O.K. and fewer people cut their own. I think you had a great idea as far as networking. maybe we could start a local network in which to trade work as almost anyone can become overwelmed from time to time. I would rather give work away than to lose it all together.
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    Hi welcome to lawnsite, good luck in your new business venture.

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