New guy needing info on Grsshppr. frnt. dethaching equip.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Goetso, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Goetso

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    Hello, I am new to this forum stuff, so if I place things in wrong listing, please forgive me!

    Any way, I also am just starting out with lawn servicing, and amid all the things a person needs to get, I have 1 big delima. As far as power rakes and dethachers go, does a person have to get the "blue bird type" flail reel machines, or can a person use the dethachers that Grasshopper sells, that are not powered by anything. They are just a basic spring tooth push type implements. I am looking at a Grshpr 620 front mount deck, and thought thoes would save alot of time. Also, some people say that the rotary brooms can dethach pretty well also. Any input on this issue would be great! Thanks

    Justin Bismarck, N.D.
  2. Jason Rose

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    First advice, don't get the 600 series GH, you probably won't be happy. They are POOR for traction, even on flat ground. Step up to the 7oo series.

    Second, it depends on what you are want to do with the "dethatcher". A spring tine one, like grasshopper has, or a JRCO does a nice job of cleaning out dead grass clippings, embedded leaves, and "fluffing up" the lawn from over winter. Yes they can remove a LOT of material if you make two passes with it. Prepare to dump the catcher every couple times you go up and back. The spring tine rake dosn't really "dethatch" though. Thatch is a mat of rizomes and roots and a spring tine dosn't really even scratch at real thatch. On the other hand, neither does a walkbehind unit like a bluebird with the flail reel.

    There's really no mechanical way to REMOVE true thatch. All you can do is help it to decompose, and break through it to allow water and nutrients to penetrate through it. Two methods for breaking down thatch, Aeration, or Verticutting (slicing).

    Overall, if your intent is to just clean up lawns, I like the spring tine rake. Selling the service as "dethatching" however is misleading.
  3. Goetso

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    Thanks Jason for the input. I think I will look at the 700 series, and probaly go with the front tine rake that GH offers. Sounds like they should be alot quicker even with two passes than a blue bird type machine.

    As far as the 600 series goes, is it just the tires that lack the traction, or weight of the overall machine that is bad for grip?

    One more thing, do you have to go realy slow with the front tine rakes, or can you travel at a prety good pace? (apprx mph?) Thanks a lot.
  4. ALLPro Landscaping

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    If you want a dethatcher I have one for sale, its a power rake. let me know

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