New guy needing insurance.....Business license???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jon99, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Jon99

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    We have our house and vehicles with State Farm and I asked him about a policy for the business... We didn't get into the specifics of what it covered yet, but for a $600K liability he quoted me $700/yr... Has anyone ever used State Farm and will they fulfill my needs???

    I also see people talking about having a business license... Is this thru the local bodies or the state??? The only guys I hear talk about being licensed around here are the guys doing applications...

    Also, do I need to be getting a federal or state tax ID if I am doing this as a sole prop????

  2. Randy Scott

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    If you've been using State Farm and have a relationship with them, they should be able to take care of you as well as anyone else can. That price sounds about in-line with the average. Guys may say more or less, but comparing apples to apples is key.

    Our state does require a license for pesticide applications. We are not required to have any special licenses for a mowing business. I checked with our local village offices and the county offices and no license was needed to start up. Check with your local areas, they are in the book.

    Our state requires a sellers permit to operate legally. No Fed. id number is needed for sole prop. You use your social security number on your tax filings for that.

    Hope this helps a little!
  3. cglservice

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    I have my personal vehicles with State Farm but they would not provide any Business Ins here. ( very clean record )
    I went with Motorists Mutal Insurance Company
    A 1,000,000 policy $ 425.00 and that includes Ins for our nursery.

    Went through a independent agent here for the Ins.

    Sole prop. you can use your social for that.

    Hope it helps.
  4. MJ

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    You might do ok as long as you don't have a claim. I've known too many people (including myself) who got nasty surprises from State Farm. I was abruptly cancelled with no warning or notice and the premium refunded when I was involved in an accident. It wasn't my fault (no ticket and I collected damages from the other guy). No prior accidents or traffic violations. The insurance agent was unable to find out why I was cancelled. The policy was cancelled the day before the envelope was date-stamped so I was uninsured without knowing it until I got the notice.

    Like I said, that wasn't an isolated incident.
  5. adamc6

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    Try American Family Ins. I have a million dollar policy and a bunch of other options along with that and I pay $350 a year. Shop around before you buy. Good Luck.

  6. Sean Adams

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    Weisburger GREEN Insurance. they are lawn & landscape industry specific. Located in White Plains, NY. Ask for Dan Troge. They can be looked up at
  7. Art Stubbs handy 58

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    :) two thumbs up for the insurance thing,

    I have American Family for Home, Auto and Business
    That sounds like a good quote. Ask if you can put the veh. you primmarily use for your service under a utility policy, this helped me lower my policy a few dollars,

    But make sure you are fully covered, never know when someone takes you to the bank......


    I know with my Ins. anything over a certian $$ amount you can pay quarterly, this helps with the budget... Hope this helps :blob4:

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