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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GTLLC, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I am preparing for my state (from WI) licensing and will be testing in about a month. I may get a few weed&feed accounts this year, but most likely will hit it pretty hard in 09.

    I've read many threads, but just can't seem to understand a few things--

    Who is the best source for weed & feed supplies? Seems like people prefer LESCO.

    What are some good products to start out with for pre & post-emergence herbicide and fertilizer? There are so many variations it's a bit overwhelming at first.

    All advice is appreciated.
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    How can help you with some of your questions but would like to know where you are at. I will also PM you.
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    I cannot PM you as you don't have enough posts. We will do this the normal way.
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    I don't know where you are located. Here in Madison the 2 main sources for fert and chemicals are Reinders and John Deere / Lesco.

    For fertilizer I always recommend a controlled release product. The cheaper the product the faster it will release and have a greater potential for burn. If you are doing the mowing for the lawns you fertilize I would definitely go with slow release. You don't want the turf to grow 7" between mowings, especially in the spring. Lesco Novex is a good product. Sulfur coated urea is ok, poly coated sulfur coated urea is better. Lebanon fertilizer with MESA is a good slow release.
    Dimension pre-emergent is a good product because it has some post emergent control of crabgrass. Pendimethalin is a reliable pre-emerge for crabgrass. Drive DF is my preferred post emergent control for crabgrass. Speedzone or Three Way are good choices for broadleaf control.

    This is the URL for UW extension turf publications:

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