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    My name is Jason Kingsbury and I own Kingsbury Landscape & Design LLC. Im new to having my own business oficially (lots of side weekend jobs last year). I have been landscaping for 12 years and went to school for landscape design. My equipment is a old Chevy truck with a trailer, a 36" john Deere walk behind, 2 21" craftsmans, 2 redmax 7001 blowers, 1 toro string trimmer, 1 Husq saw and brush cutter, craftsman edger, and craftsman walk behind blower/chipper. Looking into another walk beind with a sulky for the new season.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say "Hello" to everyone and hope to gain some useful info from this site and meet other people in the area who share the same love for their job that i do.:waving:
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    welcome to lawnsite, you will find a wealth of information from the very young to the old pro's. sometimes it takes awhile to find a mature answer, but over all a good site.
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    Hey whatsup man, nice to see ya. will find a ton of helpful information on here. And once your loged in, youll never log off lol :) good luck
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    Nice to see another NH guy here. Welcome - you can lose alot of hours on this site:)
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    Welcome to LS.. Like the others said, you WILL learn alot here and yes you will lose track of time on here..

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