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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Mr.Douglas, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Hello everyone, I have been poking around here and as near as I can tell this seems to be exactly where I need to be. I am like many who have or are considering making some major life changes. I have spent the past sixteen years in telecommunications and need a change. Strange that I spent that long inside as I have always wanted to work outside.

    I recently visited a friend of the family in S.C. who owns a Landscaping Business and a Prominent Lawn Care Business. Everyone was very gracious and they all tried to provide me with as much information as they could in a short time about possibly buying into the same franchise that they were in there, only back here in North Texas. It was really more than I wanted to or was able to afford but I was intrigued none the less. Also someone already owns the franchise in this area and it is being run quite well as near as I can tell.

    When I got back to town from my visit I started working on a “Junk and Debris Removal Company” Kind of like 1-800 Got Junk. That just hasn’t been what I thought it would be and the investment to get it to where it would be would break me. I am trying to do things with cash and stay away from credit as much as possible so my options are somewhat limited.

    As fate would have it my mother and father-in-law are hay farmers in East Texas and they have been after me to maybe go into the lawn care business. I told them that I think you really need to have started that kind of thing when you are young and have time to gain knowledge about all of the pesticides and herbicides and that you have to take a test with the TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) and get a permit and etc. They said “No you don’t if you do what we do.” I thought “Oh boy what is this going to be…” Turns out it was something that is in line with some of my thoughts on things like ethanol and bio-diesel. They said Use Organics. They said “It is working better for our hay than anything we have ever used and it ought to make a yard just pop.”

    So I have really been kicking this thing around but I still have some concerns. I am sure that when I read through all of the postings that many of my questions will be answered. Things like how fast can I turn a yard greener with organic fertilizer? (People want instant gratification and chemicals can provide that but at what cost.) How am I going to be able to knock down the weeds that are already growing? I know that I can do some Organic things in the dormant season but again, people want to see something right now and they are hiring us to take care of the situation so they don’t have to.

    I am pretty excited about this but I still have a lot of questions like aren’t I too late in the season to start this thing. I have a guy that will build me a good sprayer that I can pull behind and ATV which will let me spray large yards (1 or more acres) but still has a reel so I can do the smaller yards as well. However, If I can’t expect to keep plenty of work going for the 8 month season like say the chemical guys do it’s gonna throw a wrench in the works if you know what I mean. So I need guidance. Seems like you all probably are the very best source for said guidance.

    Sorry I went so long but I wanted to make an introduction and give you a little background so you would know why I might be asking such low-end questions.

    I chose the Screen name of Mr. Douglas because I am kind of like Mr. Douglas from Green Acres (Only not rich) but also not informed about this life although I really want to be.

    I promise not to go so long in the future.

    Thanks all,
    Mr. Douglas
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    Organic fertilizers are obviouslly more beneficial in the long run but nothing can green up a lawn FASTER than urea. Its just not going to happen. I as well offer organic programs at twice the regular cost as a sythetic price.

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