New guy starting out.



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Pottsville, PA
Thank you everyone for everything. I wish that i could have 5k to start but have no where to turn for help with money. I am fine with it being hard to get started, because things that are worth it are not easy. This its something that i have been looking at for the last two years and i have not been able to cause i had someone in my way of starting anything. This year I want to get it started and don't have that road block. I am not looking tostart with 30+ houses this year. Not possible at all, just about 2-5 to get my feet wet.

I am very professional and the customers of my job very much like the way that i work. And it is going into their homes and running wires. Not always fun or easy but has to be done right every time. Allot of people thanked me for how well the work was done and making sure the didn't have any questions when I left.

I did read just about this whole forum and ready to read it again, this time taking notes. Thank you everyone for any assistance you have given.

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