New guy to ponds pricing help!

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by crevinalandscapingllc, Nov 18, 2013.

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    What? I have been doing it that way for almost 10 years and the Koi are just fine. I'm not getting into a rocks and bare liner debate about Koi health. The thing is you still can use ADI products without gravel bottoms.

    A pond without gravel and bare liner is not a pond it's an aquarium with a waterfall.
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    As a pond builder do you charge to do spring clean outs
    Rock will collect muck that is a fact every spring you will need to clean the poo from the rocks
    So yes you can have rocks but it is more maintenance to keep the fish healthy
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    That statement has absolutely no basis in scientific fact. Rocks and gravel in the bottom of a pond promotes a wider growth and diversity of periphyton and micro-organisms. These two are not only the foundation for the aquatic food chain they provide the bulk of a natural diet preferred by herbivorous and omn- ivorous fish such as Cyprinus carpio/Koi and Carassius auratua auratus (Goldfish) and, in addition, perform the function of 'breaking down' and consuming any organics that may settle.
    A pond with properly sized filtration and the correct flow rate will not accumulate sediment providing feeding is controlled regardless of stocking levels.
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    Correction of that statement. Should read " controlled even at very high stocking levels." Obviously, packing fish in a pond like sardines or anchovies in a can is not workable or sustainable.
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