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New Guy to the site


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hey there everyone , im the new guy :waving: ,from maple valley , washington, well my story is i started my lawn service business last year late spring early summer , after being laid off from a union constuction job , for nearly a year , i decided to go off on my own , i used to work for a landscape co. about 4 yrs ago and really enjoyed it thats why i wanted to do this , last year was a ok year for me considering i only started halfway through the year , this year im pushing harder for more business .. i am fully set up now with most equip. still looking for more on craigslist everyday but anyways thought i would intro myself


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Welcome :waving:

I'm Tim, and I'll be your tour guide. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

There's a lot of useful information on this site, accessible via the search feature. That's helped me out many times. Good luck with your business this year, I hope it continues to grow for you.