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    How's it going? Don't really own a landscape company but my family owns a lot of rental homes and apartments that I take care of. They also own a rock "farm." We just sell the rocks, don't really build rock walls. Though we do place some of them. These pics are about 2 years old. Need to take some new pics with my new DSLR camera, but lenses are expensive for my 21 year old college self, lol.

    Are trailers and about 1/10 of the rocks we have. This is just behind the house.


    Some of the tractors.

    Are old loader which doesn't get used much now that we have our new one.

    The plow.

    That's all the pics I can find. Have 2 backhoes, a ton more tractors, dump truck, and crap. Thanks for the great site!

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    Welcome to the site!
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    Sexi! !
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    I like the old ford . Is that a 8n or a 9

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