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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by 2001FZ1, May 11, 2010.

  1. 2001FZ1

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    I just picked up a left over '09 Scag Tiger Cub this last weekend to mow my 2 acres and the churches 2.5 acres. I came from a Simplicity Broadmoor so getting used to this zero turn is going take a bit.

    I was wondring about the seat and lack of support/springs. Will this seat fit directly in the oem seat location?
    Michigan Seat Highback Suspension Seat, Model# V-5300

  2. Bluffman

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    I dont think this will work as easily as you might think. I've seen posts in the past that say there will be some mount issues that may involve some welding of brackets. I'm curious why you'd want a suspension seat for as little cutting you do? I'm going to assume that 5.5 acres takes maybe 4-5 hours total to mow. A suspension seat may certainly be more comfortable but at the cost and hassle, is it worth it to you for such little seat time? No offense intended, just wondering.
  3. 2001FZ1

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    My 2 acres is rough. When I was on the simplicity I sat on a boat cushion to help absorb the bumps. It was hard on that old mower and hard my lower back. I'll do some more searching to see if anyone else has made it fit.
  4. lotsagrass

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    I've got that seat on's in transit now and I'll be installing it when I get back in town (in Cleveland now for work). Should have pics up by this weekend. I'm putting it on a full size eXmark Lazer and from what others have said for my particular model, it should just bolt right up to the existing holes...but I can't say how it will be for your model. As far as mine goes, we shall see (soon). Dang thing has been back ordered for 2 weeks. I should have had it on already.
  5. 2001FZ1

    2001FZ1 LawnSite Member
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    Look forward to those pics!
  6. bigjoedo

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    I have a similar yard and back problems. I bought one of these seat solution cushions which helps absorb the bumps pretty well. See attachement picture.



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