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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by allfiremencutgrass, May 2, 2008.

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    Ok guys thanks for having such a great source of info,,long time lurker short time poster. I have a handful of accts. cut edge and blow only. I have a toro 22" push echo string trimmer and blower and I am gonna get a 36 exmark wb next week a new one. I am to meet a potential client Monday and he is willing to sign a contract for the year small yard approx 50x20 front and super small back yard. It is out of control right now so I told him 50$ to get it right and bag it then no bag and 35 a week thereafter. So how do you guys bill and is there anything I need to put special in contract? I guess we will just go over basics how he wants it cut and so on. I have learned so much and I think you guys have already saved me from a costly mistake as I was previously gonna buy a Homeowner zturn but with my in depth search have opted to go commercial walk behind at first as I cant afford a a commercial Z turn maybe next year? Oh should I get the floating deck on the WB? Thanks also this is just a small part time supplement my income /kid on the way business. Firefighter full time in Va Beach Va.

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    As for me, I never really had contracts but I did have written quotes that would spell out what I would do and what the price would be. For lawn mowing it would be simple statements like "mow front and back lawn, trim around all pavement areas, flowerbeds and trees and blow debris from pavement."

    Some people may use PayPal or mail the invoice but I usually ddin't. I was somewhat flexible for the customer. Many people would just leave the chack under the mat for me. Others preferred that I leave my invoice under the mat when I'm done. Some wanted to pay for each cut and others would pay once a month. I just needed to keep track of things but had very late-pay problems.

    I had a few commercial customers and for those I always mailed my invoice to them once a month.

    I wish you the best with your new business.
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    floating deck is just money you don't need to spend on a machine that size. i would say a floating deck is only worth it for a 52" deck and up
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    ya you wont need a floating deck on a mower like that. even on 48s there not scalp proof. just take your time. I my contracts state that i dont do beds those cost extra i dont haul away leaves grass that cost extra too. some otherstuff like it says about it being to wet or too hot i wont cut but for contracts the price dosent change

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