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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Powerstride, Aug 4, 2002.

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    Hello all, another newbie here and first off I have to say this website is an unbelievable asset. Well ... I am part-time right now and will be able to take the business to 4 days a week cutting next year. Therfore I am looking to make sure I have the necessary equipment. I have the capital to purchase a 48 to 52 inch rider yet this year and have a question. I have researched and demo'd almost all of the manufacturers and really like the gravely 50 in with 23 kaw. But I'm not sure of the reliablity of the dealer who carries this model, they are one of the smallest in my area. Most of the lco's in the area prefer the big dealer's, but the big dealers don't carry gravely. Would it be a gamble going with the machine I really like? I dont know of anybody who's been done wrong by this dealer, he's really just the small guy on the block. I know everyone here says the relationship with the dealer is one of the biggest selling points. Is this always so?
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    I find that I get treated better at some small dealerships than at the big ones. Usually the small guys really appreciate my business and will go out of their way to help me out with any parts or service needs. At the big dealerships, I usually feel like I am just another number on their list. I really enjoy dealing with the small guys, I think they try harder.:)
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    Hey man, DEALER SUPPORT is a major nessessity if you don't have an in house mechanic. But if your getting a 50" rider, I think it is only a homeowner model from Gravely. If you're getting a 21" to 52" deck, buy a w/b or a Stander, Sentar, or the king Super Sufer, (stay away from JD's "$$$"). If you must sit down get the 50" Z, but remeber what you will loose...

    *manuverabilty- Z's take more area and a 50" deck insinuates you need a small mower and don't manuver as well as a hydro standing or w/b.
    *$$$$- Z's cost more in every way
    *space- Z's are bigger and take more space on your trailer
    *Weight- Z's weigh more and customers don't like that
    *laziness- people will pay more if they think you are workin harder, not sitting pretty.

    If you need a Z, get like a 60" (don't go cheap and regret it), otherwise, save the cash and get a standing or a w/b.

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