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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cobradcab6, Nov 11, 2003.

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    hey ya'll....i'm new to the forums and new to the business. i'm in college and plan to get a masters in landscape architecture. in the mean time i was thinking of mowing lawns in the summer while i'm out of school. i don't have a mower or anything YET. but i wanted to see if i could get you guys to help me on what all i need to be thinking about. whats the best mower for my money? what all expenses are there besides the mower, trailer, and gas? does lawn care usually involve weedeating and the like or does just mowing suffice? what other factors of starting a lawn mowing business should i be considering?
    i'm sure i could think of more questions and i'm sorry if you guys are tired of answering these newbie questions. please help me get started!! :)
    Thanks all!!!
  2. Green Gopher

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    Try spending some time reading all the posts on all the threads. Then If you have a specific question, come back and ask again. I'm new also, and I found with a little time a lot of your questions have already been asked. These guys have good advise, but if your not willing to do the research they won't spend the time to reply.

    good luck.
  3. cobradcab6

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  4. Rustic Goat

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    Start by reading the 'TIPS' thread by Eric Elm in this forum, then go from there.
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    I would second Rustic Goat's comment about reading Eric Elms "tips" thread. I thought is was very helpful. I would suggest buying the best new mower you can afford and try to get the biggest trailer you can afford also. If you go with a small one you will see yourself running out of space quickly. I bought a 6x10 and it is already full.
  6. Port City Lawncare

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    I would suggest working for someone else first before you spend all the loot to get started.

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