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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JerseyTropics, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Hi I am thinking about starting a small business that I can eventually grow into, and be my own boss... Sense I was 10-11 I have been interested in plants, landscaping, and of course, the perfect turf... When I started thinking about a business it seems perfect, so I found the site, and after reading the success stories, and checking my demographic ... and considering I'm 18... I think its truly a perfect fit! I did have some questions for the more experienced people though... how many accounts do you think you can do yourself, or with one person? What other services should I offer? I love landscaping, but I do not have a degree in ornamental horticulture, and I don't plan on getting one, is that at all important? Any tips on picking up clients? Word of mouth, I know is the best, but do ads work?

    Sorry, I know real newbie questions... but I'd rather ask people who know what they are doing, then fail in the bizz

  2. out4now

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    First off welcome to the site. How many you can do by yourself depends on the size mower you are using and what size lawns you are cutting. Really the question would be better put as to how much square footage can a man cut in an hour with a X inches wide mower in (insert flat open or hilly) terrain. You can find all the info you want here and if you want even faster answers, use the search feature towards the upper right since many of these have been aswered before. In fact almost anything you can think of has been asked at one time or another. Good thing that you realize research and plannig are important to your success. Read everything you can as you put together your research. Once again welcome and good luck. :waving:

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    i would say go work for another company first for a year you will learn alot more in a year of hands on with someone that know what they are doing than you will sitting here reading all the posts on here
  4. jc1

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    I know you don't want to hear this but. At your age something to consider is the education part. Having more knowledge will allow you to have a more successful business. In NJ you need a lic if you want to do irrigation, pesticides and if you want to do more than cut grass. Thats 3 separate license's. Irrigation would be very profitable in NJ, do to supply and demand there is far more irrigation work than there are lic contractors to perform the work. Starting young and with a plan you can do well.
  5. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    Jersey Tropics, There are a quite of few things to consider. In addition to what out4now said you will need to consider how many clusters of props do you have, or how close are the properties to each other. It is not just a matter of cut time, but also travel time. Then there are unforeseen variables like weather. The reason I bring this up is quite simple. You may find that you can do 8 lawns a day. If you scheduled 8 lawns a day for 6 days and it rains hard two days in a row then you will need make some serious adjustments. However, you should be able to do quite a few if your willing to bust your hump everyday. Also, to add on to what jc1 said I think that you should pursue some additional education. That is not to say that you can not be cutting grass while you do so. Finally, there is a new law in effect in NJ regarding home improvement contractors. Yes, we fall under this category if we provide any services other than just cutting grass. I would look into this further for yourself. I posted a thread on this before, so you should be able to find that by doing a search. I to want to welcome you to LS. I wish you all the best this year with your new venture!:)
  6. JerseyTropics

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    Licensing isn't something I'm worried about, that's one of the simpler things I can do, Irrigation... I've installed my own drip sys, and lawn irrigation last year, and I'm putting in systems for family this year, three so far, so I have a little experience working with irrigation... I was thinking about working for another person, and I'd like to... but I already work two jobs, equaling about 50-60 hours/week... I can't see someone working around that... I could drop one job, but that would only bring it down to 40 hours. I was thinking of starting an online nursery/seed shop, to go along with the lawn care, what do you guys think about that?

    What other education should I pursue?

  7. RandyAndSons

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    I will say about 5 jobs per day not to little not to much for one man if you have all the equipment you need. at 45.00 a job thats more than enough to start out, 6 days a week 30 jobs per week 5 hrs a day, dont get me wrong there is still papper work calls and billing that you have to do so that is more time, any way it is still a dream job no bosses just you.

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