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Hey everyone, i have been reading posts on this site for about a year now and i have one thing to say-i love it. my company has been around for about a year now and i have a question for the upcoming year. how much do you guys charge for aerating residential lawns? thanks


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Welcome, Advanced! Good to see you hear. Hope you'll stay and participate more.

There are tons of companies around here who do it for $35 or $40 per lawn - front and back. (Understand, I live in an area of mostly postage stamp lawns - 4000 sq. ft. total usually). I personally won't aerate a lawn for less than $75 or $80. And even then, a lot of times we're too busy with installs or clean-ups to mess with aerating. So I will usually sub it out to a friend of mine who owns one of those $35 per yard outfits. He charges me $35. I charge $75. I make $40 for doing next to nothing. Multiply that by the 40 yards we usually aerate each spring and fall, and that's a hefty profit.


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In my area it's anywhere from $10-$14 per 1000sqf. One company that advertises aerating alot in the paper is $69.95 for up to 5,000 sqf. Then $10 a 1000 after that.


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In seven years of business I've never operated an aerator. There is an outfit in my area that blankets neighborhoods with flyers throughout the year, something like 15 bucks for the front, 25 for front and back. They hang the slips from light fixtures next to the garage with the date they will be in the area. If you're interested, check the appropriate box and leave a check in the provided envelope - how can you compete with that? If I have a client that isn't sucked in by this offer that wants aeration, I sub it out to a guy that charges me $50 per lawn and I mark up the price accordingly.

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