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new half ton for mowing crew


LawnSite Bronze Member
Currently we are using a 2005 F250. Pulling an open air 6x12 trailer with 2 wright standers. Sometimes we use as a backup 2011 GMC Sierra 1500. The Sierra will pull it but breaking isn't as good.

Looking at getting a new half ton, but wondering if a 6 cy will be enough to tow daily. (no highway). The breaking system (all disc brakes) v. drum in rear is very different on these new trucks, so that might handle it. Also most of these newer trucks have the automatic electronic gate, which I'm not too sure about durability.

Wondering what people have experienced with the tailgate, and if I have enough power and consistent braking with a newer half ton truck. Trailer and equipment clocks in at 3000 lbs max.


LawnSite Silver Member
New truck have automatic tailgates? Man how stupid is that, lol.

I run a half ton, it's a 4.3 vortec. I do interstate a c ouple days a week for 40 miles round trip, it will hold 70mph without much issue unless we have wind. I pull a 6x12 enclosed with 2 wright standers as well.

personally, I'd get the 5.3. I have it in my 2 other half tons, but will say the daily mow rig is a 4.3 and it does the job very well. If the saving is substantial stick with the 4.3l


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Rochester, NY
Have towed in the past with a 2014 Silverado 4.3. Absolutely zero issues. Actually got around 18 mpg towing a TT around.


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S.E. New England
more so mowing
Imo just a mowing rig especially if not hauling clippings in the bed you can go 1500

If you want a dump trailer in the future or a heavy trailer and payload in the bed a 2500 or bigger is a better fit

Smaller truck can be lower registration in places too and regulations

Mowing monkey.

LawnSite Bronze Member
For no more weight than that a half ton would do the job but I’d get another 2500. There’s a lot of difference in a 2500 and a 1500 and you’ll probably occasionally want to haul something heavier. I assume you’re probably not using trailer brakes. Adding that makes a lot of difference.


LawnSite Silver Member
Kansas City
I would look at the new f450-550 with the powerstroke. They now make the 550 in the limited trim but it is around $100,000. Base runs around half that.