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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DSmits1984, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Recently took a hiatus due to a pinched sciatic nerve and some liver damage but I will be back into full swing in a month or so.

    Things I’m looking to provide: I own 9 acres in Keene NH. I’m looking to provide a very cost effective dumping spot for composting materials to turn into natural mulch. Leaves, grass clippings, things of that nature. FREE of charge. Would look to sell by the yard when it’s had a chance to do it’s thing for $15 a yard.

    Also looking to have some trees removed. A lot of hard wood behind the house. Cut it, take it, just have at it if you want free firewood to sell.

    I am also looking to take on new accounts right now in the Keene NH area if anyone knows of anything! No hack jobs here. Stripe every lawn, trim, blow, pull a few weeds as I move through etc...

    If anyone is interested please reply or send a message to me. I’d love to network with some new people.

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