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    coastal, i hear you there, im really pushing the the residential this year, and am trying to gain more contracters, so ive been busy also. im going to do alot more sliceseeding/overseeding, then i did last year. and hopefully will be offering organic lawns this year also, should be getting the word with the supplier tomarrow, so that will open up a while new field for me. im going to try to schedule alot of the smaller touch up services and cram them in one or 2 days a week, last year i didnt take on as many because i was busy but this year im just gonna take them all and just manage my time better. that is the hardest thing in this industry i think , time management. seems like we are always running around with our heads cut off
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    I think thats about the time ill be around there. got to hit the depot and piche's on the way but about the same time frame....

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    I'd be interested in learning more about organic lawns.
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    well, its product i found, its out of new mexico, called soil secrets, its very difficult to get up here but i think i finally got it organized and figured out. this comapny is the only company in the world that can mass produce humus, they figured it out somehow, and they have another product called protien crumbles that you apply one your first initail spray, and then 2 to 3 times a year after that. never a need to use fertilizer again, because that one ruin the whole purpose, however once the initial application of the humus is done, the fallow up services are fairly reasonably prices, i am going to assume the normal cost of a fertilizing program. the crumbles could be appled by yourself with a spreader if you were to want to do it yourself. if this is suthing your interested in still i can get you the site, and i should be getting a load in the next few weeks and would be more then willing to show you how it works. this can be used to new lawn installes can be oversprayed on old exsisting lawns and even trees and plants.
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    Get together will be in a couple weeks guys, one the snow has melt and ground has thawed so the mud dissipates. May be doing it at my house so I can display my equipment or perhaps a local park or something, we'll see.
    We are a full service company in Amherst, if any one is interested or knows anyone I am looking for a foreman for my mowing crew and another full time guy because we are hooking up with some bigger commercial props this year and I need the support.
    Great pay, incentives, and some other good stuff, PM me for info.
    We are always willing to offer sub-contracting work also, newest purchase was a harley rake for my tractor, with the hydroseeder we would do some damage to a lawn installation in meer hours.
    Thanks guys
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    Hey guys, if you are interested in organics let me know. We are using them as part of our lawn care division and have had nice results with the products. We are also right in Portland, Maine and I am in New Hampshire pretty much weekly, so let me know if you want some info. Looks like we will be delayed a bit longer with our LC and installs...but at least the mountains are still open.

    Take Care

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    Definetly interested in knowing more and a demo would be awesome!
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    give me a call, 767-2140. call me anytime, if you want to talk other then here you can e-mail me at , once we talk we will schedule it depending on the weather,lets plan 2 weeks or so .

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    What did everyone think of the landscape "show" at MB today? I ran into "A-Cut-Above". Definetly a cool guy!
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    I wanna a wright standar ??????????


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