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    do you need a license for the organic fertilizers?

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    I think it falls along the same lines of spraying weed killer. You can do your own but not a customers without a license. And you still have the same restrictions along the water.

    P.s. i see the dually is coming along good:drinkup:
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    Hey guys just discovered this thread and wanted to say hi. I'm in Dover NH on the seacoast
  4. hotshot4819

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    Kings. The product that Ken, is able to get, Soil Secrets. The same product that i use, requires no licience, you can apply it all day long, and there is no restrictions around the water either.
    The soil secrets product, puts Humus back into the soil, and then you fallow up with a Protien that feeds the Microbes.

    Stay away from the Bridge Products, the hybrid chemical/organics, are alright, but if you want to get ahead of the game, get involved with the organics, its a thing that is going to really thrive once this "recession" ends
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    Thank you. I am going to try to get into plymouth this year to mow. Sorry about the "older" comment, it wasnt meant as it sounded. Its more the people i've known for awhile that do it in Campton...and Thornton and the valley. Anyway, you got it, I'll look you up!
    Same goes for you! Hopefully, you'll be hearing from me!
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    Just checking in as I havent posted too much...Im wondering where everyone is from. I advertise in the yellow pages and I get calls from time to time from areas I don't service. I would gladly pass these contacts along to others who would do the same for me. Im hoping to put a list together or a network of sorts to try to help each other out.
    Im in Carroll County and will service any town in it. My accounts are spread out quite a bit. Anyone interested in something like this? Im trying to line people up before the spring.
  7. N.H.BOY

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    What town in Carroll County are you in? Lots of towns over there. Im in Merrimack County
  8. 2low4NH

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    yeah it was coming along great till i tried to raise the floor yesterday i have 4 welds that just wont break. after drilling out 110 spot welds im ready to trash the thing! should have the floor out today though. i see your playing on that other forum a bit now.
  9. 2low4NH

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    heres another question for you guys. how many of you are licensed through the state? i have seen alot of posts about being licensed but i thought NH only had a landscape design license and fertilizer license? do i really need a license to mow and mulch? i dont need to register for the masonry side so i just want to know if im doing anything wrong.

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    Ouch, are you body dropping it?

    no license for landscape designers. Only landscape architects need a license. And you need a license for
    fertilizing/ weed control and pest control (grubs and such).

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