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    :rolleyes::dizzy: another one of those guys huh Tom:laugh:
  2. TGM

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    don't worry, i'm not lowballing, i'm charging $10/hr like everyone else!!! :laugh:
  3. jsaunders

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    BIG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!:clapping::clapping::clapping:

    i have a open 16' if you need to borrow it Tom
  4. 2low4NH

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    i will bring that sulky back soon will prob throw some fresh rubber on there first though. Finally blew up on me.
  5. TGM

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    yeah thanks joel. dad's got 3 trailers. i'm not sure i'm even going to buy a cheap open trailer at this point in time. i've been applying around for some part time gigs so i can have the extra income to move into my own apartment in portsmouth (which i have been trying to do for years).. things are getting rough still living with dad at my age in a crap town:hammerhead:

    i'll still keep mowing fridays into fall cleanups.. or, depending, i will just sell off the mowing accounts. half of the problem is the economy, the other half is my complete lack of motivation and frustration in the lawn care/landscaping business as an industry (the business end of things). i actually enjoy working on mowers & equipment.. and for me, i have sooooo much more potential to grow MMM than the grounds master. i'm up to 9 customers that have told me to franchise or patent the business.

    ...1 customer at a time..:cool2:

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    ok guys im not sure if any of you can help me out with this but here goes lol

    Anyone have any expierience with synthetic turf? (not astroturf at mobile homes either:nono::laugh:)

    I went to a new customer house today to discuss "mowing and some other things".

    Just the mowing made me happy lol!

    well that quickly changed into new plantings, different mulch, weeding, full maintenance, night lighting, redoing the irrigation, adding sod to a area, hydroseeding wild flowers, fixing the aquascape and moodifying it to make it a koi pond with waterfall, and lasly installing a putting green.

    Since I dont have the proper tools to maintain the grass needed for the putting green i feel synthetic is the answer but i havent done the research yet and wanted to know if anyone has used any.
  7. AI Inc

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    I have a few customers with it. After 5 yrs it looks like a dirty old carpet.
  8. TGM

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    two words: spray paint! :laugh:
  9. N.H.BOY

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    Sorry to hear your down about the lawn care end of things Tom, but sounds like you know what you want to do now and expand your MMM businesses, good luck and maybe someday you can open a shop out here in Tilton, we do not have a good place to send stuff too, except Jason's buddies down at Belmont Hardware that took 3 weeks to replace carb kit in my weed whacker:hammerhead:
  10. A-Cut-ABOVE

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    come on Scotty have MB right there.....what more do you need????

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