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    In regards to our pesticide discussion here is a update:

    A new law has passed allow people to get a Supervisory Registration Certificate in categories B-Right of Way and G2 Turf pest control.
    With the license applicants WILL be able to apply general use pesticides.

    In order to obtain these licenses you must attend seminars.
    Training will be 8 hours of general instruction and 8 contact hours for each category. In addition to the hours you must pass a written and oral exam.

    Classes should start in December and I will keep everyone posted. This is on my winter "to do" list.
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  2. lakesregionscapes

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    I was just returning to this thread to give the same update :) - found it in the NHLA newsletter...
    One extra bit I learned is quoted below:
    "After taking the seminars for general instruction and each category applicants will still need to send a resume to the division of pesticide control with your business ID numbers and insurance certificate, applicants will also need to pass the written and oral exams given by the division of pesticide. Once these requirements have been met applicants will get their Supervisory registration certificate and apply general use pesticides. There are a couple restrictions on the license: the license holder has to apply the chemical and you cannot use restricted use chemicals. The division of Pesticide Control has outlines for the categories on their website. More categories could be added in the future if this works out well. "

    The resume part seriously made me scratch my head...
  3. A-Cut-ABOVE

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    So not only have the sky's been opening up latelty but so have people's wallets. I havent been this busy with work and big jobs in a few yrs. Is this the same with you guys?
    I have enough work to last till the end of December right now and longer if it doesnt snow.
  4. 2low4NH

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    so so I was buusy all summer and have plenty of work to last me until snow. I have not been getting any calls for fall clean ups/plowing yet though. Then magain I have not advertised at all.
  5. N.H.BOY

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    All right you two...STOP bragging :laugh: Lets hope the times are changing huh.
  6. RockSolidLLC

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    Hey guys! It has been a long time since I have been on here! I hope everyone is working through this crappy economy! I have been busy moving into a facility and opening a Materials Center in Manchester! Last time I was on here there werent to many guys from my area. Anyone from the Manchester area now?
  7. jsaunders

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    anyone looking for some year end equipment?
    16 hp giant vac leaf loader- 900
    exmark 48" belt w/ 15 hp kaw- 500
    60" exmark turf tracer w/b 1,200hrs 2,250
    huster super walk behind 25 hp kaw 54" 2,400
  8. 2low4NH

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    joel I might be up for the loader
  9. jsaunders

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    A very nice unit- carb was redone last fall- I never used it.
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  10. N.H.BOY

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    Joel you bastard...just bought a brand frigin new one for 2,500 bucks this year. Leaf loader billy goat..

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