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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ch4x0r, Oct 28, 2012.

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    Hello all, i'm new to the site although ive read frequently on it and decided to join. A little rundown on myself im from a smaller town in tennessee between chattanooga and knoxville tn i'm planning on starting up a part time small lawn care business next season and hoping it blossoms as i am currently employed with the new volkwagen of chattanooga automotive plant. My plans is to start out with residential and eventually work my way up and get my name and business established with hard work and excellent customer satisfaction. And eventually when the time comes and i have the clients and am put into the position to make it my full time job. I'm currently buying equipment as i go so i can go into the season with basically no over head so i can just relax do a perfect job on every job my current equipment is
    Husqavarna 4623 46inch cut 23 kohler engine zero turn. I know it's not commercial but like i said this will be part time starting out and it's brand new and i believe it will work for the first season until i grow...any suggestions feel free please im open to suggestions. I do have my eyes on a new toro zmaster z500 for the future.
    2: 21 inch husqvarna push mower with bagger
    Echo backpack blower (2)
    stihl weedeater, also a small homelite for the woman!
    15ft trailer.
    I been laying out plans for a while now im still unsure on alot of things but in the next couple months on plan on getting post cards and flyers/door hanger's with our logo and a list of services i will be offering to hand out and pass around i know alot of people in my town and alot knows me so i think business will bloom fast also i and my help will wear custom shirt's with our logo and phone number etc. So thats kinda my story and advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated as i tend to do this right the first time around and make it successful i have a precious little girl i want to make the best in life for and well hard works the only option!! thanks looking foward to learning and getting to know some of you all!
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    Greetings from the Sunshine State, welcome to May I suggest contacting SCORE. This organization consist of the orinigal been there and done that. Schedule an appointment and have your questions ready. See if you can apply for the mentoring program. The cost is FREE. All the best.
    easy-lift guy

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