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    Hello, I thought I'd take a sec to tell my story. My name is JR and I'm new in the business this year. I'm located in Commerce, Michigan. This is a side business for me, I have a full time job running 3 family businesses for the last 13 years, so I have a lot of "business experience". I've always loved taking care of my own property and growing up I did a lot of work in the green industry for friends, family and neighbors. I started out last summer by taking care of some bank owned properties just as a one time deal (with my tractor) to help out a friend who was the loan officer at that bank. This year she asked if I wanted to take care of them all season. Of course, never one to turn down an opportunity to make money, I said yes and decided to start an LLC and see if I could grow this to do full time. I sold my tractor on craigslist by just putting "make offer" on it and ended up getting $500 more than I paid for it brand new a year prior. I bought some used commercial equipment (Ferris 36" wb, and an Echo PB755-T backpack blower) to get me started. I already had my trimmer from home and a 6.5 x 12 enclosed trailer to use. After working a few months, I currently have 12 accounts with three more residential customers adding next week and two more local banks just committed to use me exclusively for their properties which they estimate to be about 20-30 properties. I have just purchased a used 7' x 16' tandem axle trailer and a used 61" zero turn that I could pay cash for (and not carry any debt), to help me run more efficiently since this is something I do after work and on the weekends. I am outfitting my trailer today with all my racks, (that I bought on ebay, to keep costs down) & I will be buying a plow to put on my truck for the winter, since I have commitments already for plowing, and also I have family in the business that want to subcontract me to plow for them too. So far, the few accounts that I do have, have been able to pay for everything that I've needed or wanted to be able to grow, and that is one great lesson I've learned from this site is to make sure that I don't bog my business down with equipment debt. I have logged into lawnsite almost every day for the last 4 months reading all the great info and advice that you all give, and without this site, I would have been lost and struggling for direction as far as what I would need to get started properly. I hope that I will be able to contribute at least half as much to the site and it's members as I have received. So I owe a Huge thank You to everyone here! :drinkup:
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    Congratulations on your first post. Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcom JR,
    Hope your family has a plan for replacing you because it sounds like you're falling in love the lawn business! Once it gets ya, it's all over! Sounds like things are going well for you and I'll bet the plowing become big for you! If you need any help with any facet of the biz, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck!
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    Lol I find myself addicted to this business, and to this site as well! As with any new venture, I like to jump in head first and go all out to make it the best that I can. I really do have a passion for this, and I'm glad I finally got the opportunity to show it!
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    oh yeah, and thanks for the comments!

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