new here from southern Ohio

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    I own and operate a landscaping and grounds maintenance company in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Lawnmasters was started by my father in 1990. We have a good mix of commercial and residential clients and usually have 2-5 employees not including my father and I. We have three toro walkbehinds and a toro 60'' Zmaster. We do alot of sub contracting for another small company that includes landscaping and snow removal. I am hoping to expand the buisness over the next couple years.

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!
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    Hi, and welcome to the site. Nice to see another guy from the Cincinnati area.:waving:
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    Welcome my freind..........ummm I may have to retract the freind part. You see I grew up in Michigan and well.... you know. Even though I am a Clemson fan...well you know.

    See you around Buckeye.
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    Welcome Mike,
    Let me know if I can help, especially on the commercial side.


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