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    Hi there everyone from the UK.:englandflag:
    I have been into landscaping/forestry all my working life (36yrs and counting),for the last 16yrs for myself,i work on my own all the time doing grass cutting(domestic only),hedgecutting,fencing shurb planting and pruning and anything else within my scope(no large walls,ponds or driveways).I will say i have enjoyed every minute of it there is alot more good days than bad days.
    I enjoy reading your posts,you seem to take it very serious over in the UK, well in my area i don't no of anybody who does leaf clearing or snow ploughing,over here you do it yourself or leave it.also the only people to use zero turn mowers are golf courses most of the larger mowing contrators use a Ransome Triple which is a cylinder mower,we like the grass to be short over here 1" or under.

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    Welcome to lawnsite, glad to see one of our cousins from over the pond :)

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!

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