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New Here--Have Some ????'s

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wilson Edge, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Wilson Edge

    Wilson Edge LawnSite Member
    Messages: 77

    what up everyone. I'm new to the site and figured id get something out of it by asking some questions. Now im the owner of a "small" lawn care business. Im still in high school and i turn 18 next month. I started mowing 3 lawns when i was 12 and have built my business up to 30 lawns. Now my all time goal is to have atleast 200 lawns but that will be a couple years. My equipment includes:
    4 cylinder nissan pickup
    4.5' X 9' Trailor with ramp and wacker racks
    1 Personal pace 21" toro mower
    1 Echo week wacker
    1 mclane walk behind edger
    1 48" Great Dane Super Surfer (54 hrs)
    1 (crappy) 36" exmark hydro with sulky
    Thats about it.....now I am bidding on a condo area that has around 30 houses wich would need everything from mowing to sprinkler repair to weeding and tree trimming. Now my first question is how about would you go on bidding on a condo complex like that. what would be your method. also what suggestions would you have for me. What should i buy and do keeping in mind im only 18. yet its only age i have allot of drive. And if i get this condo area what would you suggest on doing. Also The main thing i want to know is how do you get lawn jobs. Just normal neighborhood people. what is the best way to get there acounts like flyers or stuff like that. if i think of anything else ill put it in...thanks for reading and I would love your input.

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