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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Glamdin92, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, name is Garrett, 21 years old, have enjoyed and been doing residential landscaping and construction since I was 16. The past 2 years I have been doing mostly interior remodeling which I dread everyday, so now I am ready to get back into full time landscaping and wish to start my own company.

    Lucky for me I have some money in the family which has paid for about half of my new 2011 Silverado 1500 as well as a new 16' car hauler trailer(for my project racecar) both of which are paid off. The trailer has an open center, but I plan to remodel it with full wood deck and wood sides to slide into the stake pockets as well as some kind of solid ramp on the back that is good for loading equipment and the car as well.

    So far the name I have picked will be LamdinScapes, but that could still change. I plan to do residential properties for now, including lawn maintenance, irrigation service, landscaping, snow removal, holiday lights, decks, fences, retaining walls, basically anything I feel comfortable doing.

    Plan is to pull some money out of a personal trust fund to buy a mower like the Honda HRX217HYA, a Stihl 110 trimmer, Mclane edger, Stihl blower, Ryan aerator, and of course a spreader, sprayer and all the hand tools one needs to do this line of work. When fall rolls around I should be able to invest in a good gas powered compressor to do the blowouts.

    I know I am forgetting things here, but suggestions and comments are more than welcome as I am a little nervous about making mistakes but very excited at the same time.

    Heres a pic of my truck and trailer. The last pic is next to a fence I recently built for my dad, I will be doing the landscaping there once all the snow is gone as well.


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    Your already ahead with having a paid truck and trailer, next you need to look at getting some good mowing equipment. Efficiency is everything!!!!! Get some quality commercial equipment that comes with a warrenty. You will need trimmers blowers and hedge trimmers but again get commercial equipment. I would hold off on the edger and aerator compressor ect untill your bigger, you can rent these for now when you need them. Instead use that money for insurance, advertising, and working capital. As far as a sprayer and spreader, if your licensed start with a spreader.
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    Hello and welcome good Luck with your Business.
  4. Landrus2

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    Hey Garrett it's good to have you on board you will find lots of good info here
    We can share ideas. The fence looks good. Good luck on your new business.
    Never hesitate to ask:waving:
  5. Glamdin92

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    Thanks guys. After talking with others a little more today I think its best to start off as an LLC, which lets me name the company whatever I want and its only $50. As of right now I think "Altitude Landscape Pros LLC" is a good decision since I do live in Denver. As far as insurance I am going to look into that as well, but will most likely risk it for a little while since I know its not exactly cheap.

    When you say I can rent this equipment I am a bit confused. I know you can rent an Aerator but its about the same price as I would be charging to do one lawn which would be a waste of time. Depending on how much money my dad approves on I would think its better to spend the money and own the equipment or get a loan rather than spending the money on a rental now and end up buying one later down the road anyways. Am I wrong on that?

    And for buying equipment here is a little list I have of things I need and roughly how much I plan to spend for the good commercial grade stuff. Please comments from those who have been there done that are greatly appreciated

    Mower $700-$800
    Trimmer $400
    Blower $450
    Edger $400
    Spreader $100
    Sprayer $100
    Hedge trimmer $(havent looked yet)
    Hand tools $500
    Aerator $2400(may not happen due to cost)

    Door hangers $200
    Business cards $20
    Trailer advertisements (havent looked yet)

    And of course the cost of modifying my trailer which I am guessing will be about $600
  6. Glamdin92

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    Well my business has taken off! I am already looking for an employee to help with a 50'x4' retaining wall. Also passed out about 300 flyers and got 4 calls, one sprinkler activation, one aeration, two lawn care customers one of which wants a bunch of landscape work done. Also been doing some sprinkler and cleanup work at a huge house on 20 acres. My website isnt done yet but check it out, These two pics arent the best but they are the only ones I have, I am trying to upload my flyer with no success yet.



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