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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by North Country, Apr 11, 2004.

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    I guess I should of posted here first. Oh well...

    I am a new business owner and I will be doing mostly manufactured retaining walls, paver brick walkways, and patios. I'll also be doing some light lawn care til my stonework takes off.

    My brother has been in the business a couple years and has been doing real well. He lives a couple hours south of me. I am about to pick up a 94 F350 Dump with a 10 foot box and fold down sides. I already have a 2003 Kubota L3130 and I just got a small mower (for now) which is a Husqvarna CZ4815. That will end up being a yard toy most likely. The stone work is what I'm after.

    I have been going all through this site and now it's my homepage. It looks really resourceful here :D

    Jamey of North Country Landscape located in Morrisonville, NY
  2. Wilderness Lawn

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    Good luck with your new "adventure" keep checking this site for great info
  3. North Country

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    Thanks. Missed the deal on the truck. :(

    Now I gotta find another F350 1 ton dump. That one had a 10 foot box with fold down I missed it. Missed it by a day. Went in with the was sold that morning. Sucks.

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